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Methera also has a collaborative show together with international storyteller Mats Rehnman. For information visit

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High resolution photos can be downloaded below:

For more videos of Methera performing please visit our youtube channel.

Windmill 1 - 2.20MB

Size: 2.20MB 

Credit: Jerry Tye

Methera in the round 4.40MB

Size: 4.40MB

Credit: Mark Savage

Windmill 2 - 2.30MB

Size: 2.30MB

Credit: Jerry Tye

Methera 3.86MB

Size: 3.86MB

Credit: Mark Savage

Windmill3 - 8.17MB

Size: 8.17MB

Credit: Jerry Tye

Methera Wall 3.84MB

Size: 3.84MB

Credit: James Fagan

Image description

Size: 7.31MB 

Credit: Jerry Tye

Methera shadow

Credit: James Fagan

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