About Methera

Methera is a unique ensemble: a string quartet with roots firmly planted in English traditional music. Their national tours, BBC Radio 3 broadcasts and collaborations have helped them establish a reputation as a scintillating live act, blazing a trail through the uncharted territory that lies between folk and chamber music.


With a change in line-up in 2019, Lucy Deakin (cello), Sam Sweeney and Emma Reid (fiddles) and Miranda Rutter (viola) combine a deep knowledge of traditional music with a wide range of other influences and expertise and a deep sense of musical interaction. Newly composed pieces sit alongside timeless traditional material; their music is both sophisticated and earthy, groundbreaking and familiar, enchanting and thrilling.


It was a yearning for traditional music to be heard 
through the voice of the string quartet 
that compelled Methera into existence.
It quickly became clear that Methera
was about a meeting of musical minds.


Four individual musical characters
with our different stories to tell;
the cohesive structure of the string quartet 
gives us freedom to indulge in tradition 
and rebel against convention.


The tunes we choose to play, 
both traditional and newly composed,
are those that enchant us.
It feels like they thread their way 
into the tapestry of the string quartet
and yarns such as these emerge…

About Strange Lovers

Methera also has a collaborative show together with international storyteller Mats Rehnman. For information, images and video please visit strangelovers.org

Strange Lovers is a glorious display of intimacy, explosion and beauty in a daring marriage between music and story. A show that explores the body language and voices of the string quartet and the rhythm and dance of the narrator, Strange Lovers stretches the boundaries of normality in the unification of two art forms. New compositions by Methera breathe magic into Mats Rehnman’s collection of love stories with a twist. Themes including timeless relationship dilemmas, gay love, love in life and death and the lure of beings from other worlds give rise to comedy and tragedy, hope and fear, shock and laughter.


"This is superb art, utterly accessible and utterly enchanting."

- The Society for Storytelling

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